About Us | USA

PneuTech USA is part of an international group of compressed air companies positioned in continents across the globe – including Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Our leading group of companies named – Pneutech Group, is actively involved in supplying compressed air solutions to small and very large industries across the world, and offers you superior experience, superior products, superior pricing and superior service – not found in any other compressed air organisation.

As a compressed air specialist our philosophy is to provide your business with a complete compressed air solution that not only works but exceeds your expectations by helping develop your industry in a responsible manner.

Having strong synergies with world-leading manufacturers we bring you the most direct-from-factory and competitive pricing in the industry and with unparalleled service support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As we are here for the long term, we share your concern to care for creation and so our focus is to help you conserve energy, reduce waste and lower carbon emissions while operating in a safe and healthy environment

Our mission:

Using the experience, technical knowledge, and commercial strengths of  our international group to bring optimum solutions for compressed air equipment and accessories to our global market

Your Global supplier for Compressed Air Equipment”!