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Compressed air is second nature to us at PneuTech USA. It stands to reason when you consider our decades of industry experience. We continue to educate our highly skilled team of sales and customer service staff with the latest global developments to ensure that our customers are supplied with the most up to date and efficient compressed air solutions.


PneuTech Piston compressors are the perfect machine for small manufacturing facilities, body shops, and other light industrial applications. PneuTech offers multiple models to fit your specific applications!

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PneuTech Rotary Screw Air Compressors are ideal for large manufacturing facilities and other applications that have high flow requirements. These compressors are designed to run at a 100% duty cycle all for long periods of time.

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PneuTech portable screw compressors include a vast range of many different models from 90 to 900cfm output at 100 to 300psi pressure, and these machines can be found in over 50 countries throughout the world in the heavy blasting, contracting, construction, mining and marine industries – to name a few.

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PneuTech Compressed Air Dryers are used in applications where water is affecting manufacturing operations. These are installed in your piping after the Air Compressors. Depending on the quality of air required, a Refrigerated or Desiccant type dryer may by required.

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PneuTech Inline Filtration is always recommended in your compressed air piping. These housings are designed to remove liquid water, particulates, and oil depending on what element selected. Filter elements available range from .1 micron right to .01 micron.

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Receiver tanks are always recommend and required for your compressed air system. This allows for compressed air storage which reduces the cycling of the compressor. Receiver tanks are specified to the HP and PSI ratings of the compressor equipment.

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Why is good compressed air reticulation important? The compressed air reticulation is the ‘other half’ of a successful and efficient compressed air set up, and a poorly designed layout can result in air pressure loss, contamination and excessive energy bills, as the air compressor works on overload to compensate for these inefficiencies.

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